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Is there a way to recover the rdb_del.log file?

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I stupidly decided to delete the "rdb_del.log" file that sits inside the disk-base-backup-set folder together with all the .rdb files. Now whenever I perform a catalog re-create from disk, an error message is displayed for each sequentially numbered .RDB file that has been groomed out.


Is there a way to re-create this file? (rdb_del.log)


I'd imagine it's simply a database format, containing the file names of those .RDB files that have been deleted during grooming.


What is the database format?


Of course there is no backup for it, since who backs up their disk-based-backup-set folders?

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I (as well as 2 other guys) get a few thousand email messages along these lines:


Subject: Retrospect notification from 'the-server' (17/07/2008)

Script: Recatalog
Date: 17/07/2008
The Disk Backup Set data file "AA001704.rdb" reported missing by user


I was thinking that the file I had deleted contains a list of all officially deleted .rdb files, thus suppressing this error message. I would only expect to be informed if there was one unexpectedly missing, rather than just groomed away.


I am thankful that I don't have to acknowledge each message during the rebuild...

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