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Backup set missing but i have found

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I have a backupset that shows missing when i go into configure in Retrospect 6.1.138 members. I try to select it "2-backup set B (missing) to click on set found but the set found and set missing buttons are grayed out. Please let me know How do I fix this?

I am sure this disk has the files I want, should I rebuild its catalog.


The disk is showing up (unknown) when I put it in.


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When trying to retrieve from backup it says "execution completed successfully" but it does not restore any files to the destination folder. The files show up with the little symbol beside them that means missing.


This happened once before and I was able to go under Configure>Backup Sets>Configure>Members and click on "Set Found" But this time the button is dimmed. How did this happen?

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It will take a few hours per tape.


If you can not mark the member as found, then the catalog file has a problem.


tools>Repair>Recreate from tapes.


When asked to save the new catalog file, I would not overwrite the current catalog file. Save the new one to a different folder.

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