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Retreive earlier file versions


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I'm confused (and a novice at Retropsect).


If I do "progressive" backups to a Backup Set, should I be able to "find" all versions of a particular file; those created at an earlier date vs the current version done with the latest backup?


If so, can someone tell me how to do that? I keep trying "Restore/Find Files" but all I seem to get is the current version.


I thought that was the whole purpose of incremental backups or, am I wrong and all Retrospect does is copy "changed" files and overwrite the previous version?



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could you please clarify something for me? when we had full backups, we'd do a 'full' backup/copy once a week and incrementals after that.

now, we have everything backing up 'progressively' to the disk-disk-tape server, when, for example, file ABC.TXT is 'groomed' out of the backup set, will it be replaced the next time an incremental backup is run? i.e. will there always be a base/full set of files in the backup set, even if it is incremental/progressive and grooms periodically?


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