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Incorrect Password Error 507 on Client First Access

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Hi there,


I have freshly installed Leopard Server 10.5.4 on my Xserve. I have downloaded and installed the latest Retrospect client for Leopard (6.2.229). During the installation process on Leopard, it asked me for an access password, which I gave.


When I go to my Windows 2003 based Retrospect (7.0.344), I go to Add New Backup client, I find my Leopard client, and it asks me for a password when I try add it. Then it asks to confirm the password. Finally, no matter what I put in these password boxes (ie either the password I assigned on the client, or anything I type in), it errors out with:


Sorry, couldn't add backup client, error -507 (incorrect password).


I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Retrospect client several times on the Leopard, making sure I haven't done any typos on the password during installation, but nothing makes a difference.


This is unusual because during most Add New Backup client processes, it asks me for the password I put in during the client install. Instead, this time, it seems to be asking me to "assign a password" instead of "verify the password you've already entered on the client".


Retrospect 7.0.344 works fine otherwise, and has been workine fine for a while. It backs up my proactive Mac clients, backs up a couple of other servers, etc. However for some reason I just can't get this new Leopard Xserve to add itself as a backup client.


Any ideas?

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Thanks for the quick response. Do you think I'll be okay by Uninstalling 6.2 and then installing 6.1 without restarting?


The whole "Installer suggests you restart your server" after I install the client will be a problem if I try to resolve this right now, during work hours.

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