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6.2.229 client to 7.5 Win. server?

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I have never been able to get my Leopard client to successfully back up to our Windows Retrospect servers. Others in my group running Leopard on Intel Macs are backing up no problem. My Macbook has been wiped and reinstalled once with no change in behavior. It seems to be my data or sheer data volume? I was able to back up by moving blocks of data to reduce the total volume. I have about a 50GB home directory with about 15GB excluded with selectors. It dies claiming it was backing up "SSAuthorizedToolTemplate" which from what I can see does not exist, and there is no mention of it here on the forums, though it appears it might be related to Bookdog which I use. Today I installed the new client hopeful this would resolve itself. Server 7.5.508 with update asks for the client password twice and fails to add it. Reading the Windows announcement I see we need the free 7.6 update. I can't wait to see what a nightmare that turns out to be (jaded much?). I am running 10.5.3 on an Intel Macbook. I'm about to install 10.5.4 along with any pending patches. I'm going to get the backup admin to install Bookdog to see if it kills his backup to.

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