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What's new in version 6.1.230 of Retrospect Desktop?

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No changes to backup server have taken place in the new upgrade.


I suspect another problem is causing this.


Can you open the catalog file for the backup set from within Configure>backup Sets?


What type of backup set is this? What operating system version? What is the destination media type? What is the location of the catalog file (assuming this is not a file backup set).

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Retrospect was failing to talk to the tape changer. I couldn't even perform a scan of the tapes.


I pulled out the config file and I am now able to perform a scan of the tape changer, so I assume that there was some corruption in the config file. So I will do a little testing but I think I am going to need to rebuild very detailed an lengthy filters (rebuilding other parts of the config are pretty trivial).


Mac OS X 10.4.11, PowerMac G4/867 MHz, 1GB RAM, Overland PowerLoader with HP LTO3 tape drive.


I will do some testing to see if starting from a new config file fixes everything.

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I now think something else is going on, perhaps unrelated to the upgrade. I went back to the old preferences and Retrospect is scanning the tapes. I suspect it is looking for a blank tape (and there are no blank tapes in the drives), I will report back here when I can confirm if that might be the case.

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I was wrong, Retrospect is broken. I created some new scripts, and they insist that media is missing even though it is there.


Time to give up on Backup Server and run scripts, know that laptops probably will not get backed up. Well, it has been time for a new solution for a long time.

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What is interesting is that a manual backup that I started before I left my office is working fine. The tape changer picked the correct tape. I will try to run a script later to night, or enable backup server, and see what happens. I will report back tomorrow.


I will also try the driver update I was using. I meant to ask if I could do that (I don't assume that the older driver works with the newer version of Retrospect). Thank you for mentioning it.

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What I know so far:


1) No problems with manual backups. Retrospect instructs the tape changer to load the correct tape.


2) No problems with regular scripts (I ran a bunch last night). Retrospect instructs the tape change to load the correct tape.


3) Problem with Backup Server. The tape is not loaded (though it might go through and check every tape if I recently loaded the tape magazine), Action stays at "Checking media" and status for the sources alternates between "(Not yet determined)" and "Waiting for backup media".


When viewing the Backup Server "Backup Sets" view, I see various tapes having the Media status (they are not in the magazine), a few say failed (I don't think I have any script for them yet) and the tape that is supposed to be used right now has the status of Ready.

I am now wondering if part of the problem might be that the tapes are encrypted?

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