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VMWare consolidated backup

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Has anybody used retrospect server in conjunction with VCB to backup images and snapshots on a ESX 3.x server? vmware does not list Retrospect as a compatible backup agent. EMC Networker is listed.


Anybody tried this? Or maybe installed the unix client directly on an esx server and tried quiesing the server with an event handler?


Mayoff, is there a backup agent in the works?

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Seems odd that an EMC owned backup product doesn't support an EMC owned virtualization product.

VMWare is a totally different public company that EMC owns part of.


We use VMWare products to help with Retrospect testing, etc. Retrospect is mostly a Windows and Macintosh backup program ESX Server itself is not running Windows or Macintosh.


You can use Retrospect to backup the guest OS running Windows under the ESX hardware.

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So in other words, the answer is no there is no work being done on supporting ESX Consolidated Backup in Retrospect.


Retrospect does not just backup Windows and Mac OS.. It does a darned fine job backing up Linux hosts as well. The ESX Service Console is nothing more than Red Hat Enterprise Linux...


Anyways, I put this in as a feature request... Maybe someday..

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