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Backing up to MYBook Word Edition II Drive

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I am using Retrospect 7.5 for Multi Server and would like to backup to MYBook World Edition II Drive which is connected to my Netgear GS608 v2 Hub. 7.5 is installed on my windows server 2003 machine and the client is on my XP machine. The issue is that my MYbook was using Retrospect Express HD v2 and the drive is setup as a raid drive.


1. If i try to setup a backup I am asked for a username and password to access the mybook drive yet if I use the username and password that mionet program gives me i cannot connect to the drive. Do I need to format and set the drive up as a 1 TB drive or can I use it as a raid drive?


2. Will 7.5 work backing up to a MYBook?


Any help he would be greatly appreciated.




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We're using two of these successfully. We've got 2 of the 1.5 TB units, but configured as RAID1 so they are only 750GB each.


Since we started using them as simple SMB servers from day one we never had issues with the MIONET software, which was never installed or used anywhere.


Read these instructions:



We're just using the PUBLIC share, so we were able to skip some of these steps that made a new share.


Also we're simply accessing it via UNC path so dodn't need to map a drive.

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