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Hi All!






I'm running a blue and white G3 with 576 and OS 10.1.5


Retrospect 5.0 with an Acrix VX1 tape drive.




every time that I try and back up my powerbook (client on the network) the Retrospect server crashes with a Kernel panic... it seems to happen when I get around 2 gigs backed up.... this seems similar to some posts I've seen about SCSI cards, but I'm NOT using a scsi card... the tape drive is on the firewire port.






Can anyone shed some light on this?















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Does this only happen when you backup this particular client? What about backups of the local machine or other clients?




If it is only one particular client (and every other source backs up fine), please provide more specific information:


- Are you using the client software or mounting the drive?


- What OS


- What client version




Is this drive plugged directly into the Firewire port - or is it chained together with other Firewire devices?




Have you tried the backup from another computer?

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