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Configure SMPT port for notifications

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I performed the procedure as you described. I think these are the important lines:


smtpSend: "AUTH LOGIN"

smtpWait: "504 5.7.4 Unrecognized authentication type"

smtpReset: AUTH LOGIN expected 334, response 504

smtpSend: "QUIT"


What is the authentication type that Retrospect is expecting to use?

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I'm getting the same -592 error.

smtpWait: "220 *email server* ESMTP"

smtpOpen: connection established "*email server*"

smtpSend: "EHLO hostname"

smtpWait: "250 STARTTLS"

smtpSend: "AUTH LOGIN"

smtpWait: "538 Encryption required"

smtpReset: AUTH LOGIN expected 334, response 538


Does Retrospect support TLS or SSL for a secure login?




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I pointed my SMTP server to a server run by my ISP that only uses IP filtering for authentication. I gave up on using my Exchange 2007 SMTP server with Retrospect. I switched several other applications to use the external SMTP server as well.

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This really should be on a list of planned features to add. Many ISPs these days block port 25, and only allow email to be sent over secure ports such as 465. I am unable to even access a different server from one of my clients computers over 25.


Doesn't seem like a difficult feature to add. Thanks

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The correct approach is to provide a LAN-based SMTP server that does not require authentication from well known services. The point of TLS for most users is to encrypt the AUTHentication process. For almost all services on a LAN that report events via email, with well controlled LAN IP addresses, there is generally little need for client->server authentication - IP whitelisting is sufficient.


Having said this, there is little reason to restrict the TCP port to 25 - providing for alternate ports is standard and trivial.

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