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Restore Incomplete - Not Enough Memory

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I've got a good one...


While trying to restore 31 GB from a backup set, only 2GB gets restored and the message is that execution was incomplete - see log for details.


In the log, the error message is "Not enough memory." There is no error code.


I'm running Retrospect Server 6.1138 on a G5 1.6Ghz w/2GB RAM. The restore saves to a volume with 900 GB free. Everything is coming from LTO3 tapes via an Atto SCSI card. OSX 10.4.11 with no other applications running.


We've done 100GB restores without any problem in the past.


I'm at wit's end and I've got a client who needs some older versions of graphics files.

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If I was to rebuild the catalog, is there a way to keep the old catalog intact?


Sure. It's a file. Make a copy of it. You should have backups of your catalogs anyway; they're valuable computer data files.


I've got a client who needs some older versions of graphics files.


Can you select (either by Browsing from a Snapshot based "Restore files and folders" operation or or by a Searching operation) a few of the files at a time, instead of trying to get all 31 GB at the same time?

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