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Multicast vs. Test?


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I have Retrospect 5.6.132 Desktop Edition running on Windows, and my clients are not showing up.




If I go to "backup clients database" and click "add...", I get a window showing "Clients by Piton Name Service using multicast...". This window is empty.




If I click on "Test..." and enter an IP address on my local LAN (same subnet & everything... no multiple interfaces or other weirdness), I get a response: "Found a backup client", correctly reporting the machine name, client version, and IP address.




The clients are not running ZoneAlarm, PGP, or other personal firewall software that would block the multicast.

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When a client is only visible via the "test" and not Multicast, it is typically an indication of 3 things:




1) The network is not clearly passing UDP packets. If only one client has the problem, then the client is having trouble sending or getting the UDP multicast packets.




2) The clients are in a different subnet




3) The client or server has a 2nd ethernet card and Retrospect has not been configured to use that card.




Do other clients show up under multicast?


What is different about this client vs. clients that show up?




Try a different port in the ethernet wall jack. Try a different port on the router. Restart the client. Try a crossover ethernet cable between the client and server. Give the client a new ethernet cable. Update the ethernet drivers on the client.

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