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Vista + scheduled backup


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I'm going crazy trying to figure out how to solve this and I'm getting nowhere, so I hope someone can help me.


I can't get Retrospect Express to run scheduled backups when I'm not logged on to my Vista-computer.

This was never a problem before, when I was using WinXP - I always logged off when I left work, Retrospect logged on during the night, ran the backups and then logged off again.


Since I switched to Vista - nothing!

The program just doesn't log on to the computer, instead it wants to start the scheduled backup (which was supposed to run during the night) when I start the program in the morning.


Any ideas?



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Hi Ocke,


What version of Express are you using? This is interesting and I can see it being a problem...





Oh, sorry, I forgot to leave the most basic information :(

I'm using 7.5.387 - As I understand it this version's supposed to be fully compatible with Vista, isn't it?

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