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Tape drive hangs after writing one tape

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Here is my configuration:

Retrospect 7.5 Multi Server running on a Windows XP machine including all the Add-Ons (Advanced Tape Support, SQL, Disaster Recovery, Proactive, etc.);

About 90 Windows XP and Windows 2000 clients;

About 20 Mac clients;

RAID disk farm for primary storage for a total of 5TB;

For secondary storage (archives) I use tape:

Adaptec 39160 SCSI controller;

HP Ultrium 460 external LTO-2 tape drive;

Seagate Ultrium LTO-1 autoloader with 10 data and one cleaning tape.


I allocated the Seagate autoloader to a continuing archive job, and it works OK. I use the HP single tape drive for periodic archives.


The problem: I load the HP Ultrium with tape 1 and start a scripted archive job; Retrospect writes to the tape filling it with data, but after the tape fills up the drive becomes inaccessible, all the device control buttons (erase, eject, etc.) are greyed out and the script hangs. The other Retrospect scripts to disks and the other tape device continue to run normally. The only way to recover control to the HP Ultrium is to crash/restart Retrospect.


At EMC engineer's suggestion, I disabled the Windows/HP driver and let the Retrospect driver control the HP tape drive. The problem persisted.


Why does the Ultrium tape hang?



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No errors in the operations log, including the detailed version, which Andrew Anderson of Retrospect had me compile. The tape drive just becomes inaccessible, all the action buttons are greyed out, but other Retrospect scripts proceed normally.


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