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Error 2010 - No Source Volumes Specified

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I have 4 different backup servers (each at a separate location) all running Multi Server 7.5.508 with Driver Update and Hot Fix version on Windows Server 2003 machines.


On this past Monday, all 4 started giving me an error 2010 (no source volumes specified) on each of their Exchange brick-layer backups. We run this backup to disk daily and I've been getting this error every day since Monday on each. It's really odd that this would suddenly happen on 4 different servers backing up completely different Exchange servers all on the same day. There were no errors with these scripts prior to this.


On each server I have "Exchange Mailboxes on ExchangeServer" selected as the source for the script and selecting "All Files".


One more thing I just noticed... When I go to Volumes > ExchangeServer > Properties and click on the Volumes tab (on each of my 4 Exchange servers) I get a message saying "Can't track volumes, error 3402 (unknown)". After clicking OK, the volumes tab displays as normal with "Client Sources: Selected Volumes" and the C drive, D drive, First Storage Group, and Exchange Mailboxes selected.


Any help would be appreciated as there is nothing in the error codes knowledgebase for error codes 2010 or 3402.



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