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Can't control backup user?!!


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Had Retrospect running on WinXPsp2. System died (but drives ok).

Rebuilt system, loaded Vista, reinstalled all S/W including R'spect. As recommended in docs, moved config75.dat file to the new location.


On startup I get a message "Retrospect could not be started under the specified user account (xyz/xyz) and is running under Local System instead. This can be corrected in Configure->Preferences->Security."


Unfortunately, Configure->pref->sec is all grayed out!


I've tried creating variations of the specified user name. Tried restarting a lot. Nothing will unfreeze this. Waah!




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Maybe move the config75.dat file away and then launch Retrospect. This will start you with a fresh configuration that will prompt for license keys etc and start with a clean slate. This might be OK if your backup config wasn't too complex.

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Hi Mayoff,

Running latest 7.5 rev.


Wow, no had not reviewed the latest readme.


Most serious issues I see there:


1) If RBU is not supported, Retrospect should then ignore the setting rather than be broken by it.


2) the need to restore on top of an exact-same edition is ridiculous. Microsoft continually emits security updates. So if on reinstall the user attempts to bring their system up to date, it may be VERY difficult to create an identical install! This tells me I need to obtain a partition-copy tool and do partition-level backups of Vista in case of trouble. Retrospect essentially cannot be relied on to recover the backup computer's Vista partition.


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