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Moving Servers

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Hi all,

I was wondering if I could get some help with this,


I have retrospect installed on 2 fileservers, one we will call beta. The backup sets live on 2 external hard drive clusters connected by ESATA,

Other backup sets live on the beta server because of limited space.


I need to


1. Figure out how to move backup sets from one machine to another, so that retrospect will still recognize them correctly. Including backup sets that bleed over to beta.

a. This also includes figuring out how to consolidate the extended backup sets listed above


2. Figure how to import backup scripts (jobs) to new a new retrospect server that we set up in the future.


We would like to have a file server become a vmware server that has a virtual server that just runs retrospect. The vmware server will have a hard rive cluster attached that will contain all of the backup sets in one location.

The virtual machine running retrospect will also run JUNGLEDISK that will upload our retrospect backup sets to S3 weekly.


The Key is to be able to consolidate this infrastructure in such a way that we don’t have to recreate any backup sets or re-upload any files to S3 that are already there.


Any help would be appreciated


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