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Missing, corrupt, or from another backup set....?


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From time to time, perhaps all too frequently, I get messages that a particular chunk of a backup set is either corrupt or from another backup set. Accordingly I have to declare the chunk missing; as other users will know, sometimes it requires declaring several chunks missing.


(1) Is there a reader which can directly read the chunks as they exist, (corruptions and all) whether they be compressed or uncompressed? 600MB of unusable data in compressed format represents a significant loss. (2) In some cases I would be willing to sift through the file to attempt to do partial recovery. Are there any File Recovery softwares which others have tried to use with Retrospect backup sets? Didrik


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But is there a retrospect switch, option or EMC tool that will allow your customers to extract at least portions of good data from the big chunks?


I've had this also happen and is pretty depressing when your backup tool that you've sold those around you on using - and investing money for ends up failing and you've lost sometimes years of data.


Ntbackup for example had switches that you could use to ignore missing tapes that were part of a set. Is there such switch for the retrospect restore?

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If a data chunk is bad then typically you can read data up to the point of the failure but not beyond that point. If you can't read it with Retrospect (assuming you have done ALL troubleshooting recommended by technical support) then you could contact a data recovery service, but I suspect they can not extract the bad data.


Every situation is different.

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