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Corrupted catalog files after Stopping

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MacPro Intel 10.5.2 and OS X Server

HP Storageworks DAT72 USB

Retro: 6.1.138

Driver update:

Source: a variety of folders on a single 500gb internal drive as well as job folders on 9 workstations on a local network.


I'm contracting with a creative services department that has used Retrospect for years on tape, CD and DVD with ZERO issues until I rolled everything over to the current configuration 3 months ago.

Every time I stop a script to run another one that has become a higher priority, I get a message the catalog is corrupted and can't be found. Once I point to it again my choice is to rebuild the bad one or create a new one. Starting over and over is putting my department in jeopardy and aggravating management.

Footnote: After explaining my situation to Ensignia last week, they let me talk to a tech. His quickly told me to dump the DVD backup process and go to tape, which I did. This didn't cure the problem and I'm getting a lot of heat for this.


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The app and catalog file are in the same folder on the internal startup drive. The data files being backed up are on another internal drive and the remote workstations.


The same procedure was running fine on a G4, OS X 10.4.11 (Tiger) and to DVD's with no problems. That catalog was in the app folder also.

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I moved the catalog folder to the same drive as the data files and started a new set again. After copying about 6gb of data I hit the stop button and restarted it after a few minutes. I'll try this again in a few minutes.

Why would moving the catalog file make a difference now? For the last 6 years that I've been doing this for this company, the set has been in the application folder.

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Oops. I knew that!!


FYI: I stopped it again, ran a different script and restarted my original script...it went right back to work like it should. I'm going to let this one cook for a while. I've got a 310gb data group to backup!


Thanks for you help.

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