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Client gone on my Network (error -1028)

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I recently added a non-internal IP address to one of my Macs (let's call that Mac "William") so that I can view it out of the office. So William now has two IP addresses: an internal 192.XXX.X.X and an external number. After I did this, Retrospect Backup (6.1.138) could not see William on the network.


I went into Configure>Clients>Network and William is there but when I click on configure it says "not logged in" and throws an error -1028. I tried deleting the external address, changing the internal address & re-installing Client, but it still won't show up on the network.


I can see William on the Retrospect Mac through the network, log in and access it just fine.


I also added another user to the system at about the same time, but I have other users on other systems that are configured the same way and I have no issues.


Any ideas anyone?

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Which firewall setting? When I re-installed Retrospect Client, I did not turn on the firewall setting. There are firewalls on the "William" computer that are probably not on the others.


It's not allowing me to forget the client. I can forget it off of the initial list, but when I hit "network" it shows up and I can't forget it. I try to add by the IP address and it always comes back with the "not visible" error.

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