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too many retropds.23 processes?

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I recently installed the new OS X client beta on my workstation hoping it would alleviate the constant "trouble creating service" errors.


It didn't help. Now I get a 519 and I just noticed that there are 96 instances of retropds.23 running on my computer!


What in thundering tarnation is going on?

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What is the exact version of the Client you are running? What operating system version is this?


What happens if you restart and try a backup again, do you still get 96 copies of retropds.23 running?


What "trouble creating service" error are you asking about? You will need to provide a lot more detail.

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Retro Client 6.2.222 on an iMac 2.33 GHz Intel duo running OS 10.4.11, w/ 2 GB RAM.


For the past several months the server would either log "trouble creating service" or "client too slow" when attempting to back up my Mac over the network. (my speed threshhold is stupidly low - 2 MB/min or something like that).


I thought maybe the beta client would improve the situation, but so far it hasn't.


I did restart my mac (only way I could get rid of all those retropds.23 processes) and will try another backup as soon as I have the chance.


In a tragically ironic twist, the Win XP clients all work flawlessly. What kind of topsy turvy world have we created?

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my speed threshhold is stupidly low - 2 MB/min or something like that


Which setting? There are two "threshold" settings possible, and they behave differently:


Configure->Special->(Option+Click)Preferences->Client->Execution performance threshold




Automate->Scripts->FooBackupServerScript->Options->More Choices->Client Execution->Speed threshold

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