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DVD CD Burner will not be recognized


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Hi everybody,


I'm using the lastest Retrospect Professional for Windows release.


When running on a Windows XP SP2 system everything worked fine so far.


Now since an upgrade to Vista I did a few days ago I can no longer see my DVD/CD device throught Retrospect. Obviously it works fine with Vista anyway. So I can read and write DVD and CD's. It seems like Retrospect is unable to access the device type.


My hardware is a Dell XPS 210 system with Optiarc AD5540A DVD/CD Burner.


When starting Retrospect if I go through the configuration menu and peripherals sub menu the DVD/CD device disapeared. It's been replaced by dots or bullet points like that:




Put simply Retrosptect state a (ignored) device.


Any clue ? Who can help ?




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This drive model is not supported by Retrospect. We have never tested this model.


It also sounds like the unit is not correctly displaying in the devices Window, which could be a conflict with a Windows driver. Make sure to remove all disks before launching Retrospect for best results.

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Why not ?


I want to make sure. Why this very device works fine with Retrospect under Windows XP ?


Not supported means not tested and by the way EMC does not guarantee a device working properly on a full time basis.


What do need to make an Optiarc AD5540A DVD/CD burner being recongized:


develop a script

find out a piece of software code


or do I simply need to swap this hardware ?


Kind of you to provide my with an answer




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