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OS X proactive script syntax

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After being away from Retrospect for a number of years I am back setting up an eval 7.5 Multi Server server. I could use a few quick pointers on creating working proactive scipts for OS X clients. Specifically I only want to back up home directories (no system files) and will be excluding things like the Music, Movies, and Pictures folders. Not everyone has the same startup volume name.


Second, will there be an Intel native OS X client that works with Multiserver anytime soon?


thanks for any tips people can provide

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Can wildcards be used in OS X pathnames? for example, using *:Users: if the startup volume name is not the same for every machine in the script.

As long as you are talking about the startup volume, the pathname as seen by the Mac client will always be from the root ("/") without the volume name because the startup drive is always mounted as "/", and the volume name is not needed. That's not the case for other volumes on OS X, which are mounted at mount points within the "/Volumes" directory.


Also, if the Mac client has a Network Home Directory ("NHD"), the NHD will have its own non-local mount point.



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