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retrospect slows down inexplicably


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a backup of a pc on our network that i had successfully run numerous times is now exhibiting unusual behavior. at some point during the backup, the transfer rate drops to a crawl. stranger still, if on the server that the backup device is attached to, i start doing something else (eg. launch an unrelated app), the transfer rate might recover, either for the rest of the backup or for a while before it slows down again.


any ideas? note that while i am running the latest version, i have not been able to determine whether there is a way to update the client in case that needs updating.




windows xp with all updates


retrospect professional 7.5.508 (driver update and hot fix


iomega rev 35gb usb


client pc:


windows xp with all updates


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Thanks, Robin.


Just to clarify, "slow down" might be misleading. By slow down I mean to the point where it is barely operating at all (eg. would take 1 day or longer at that rate to fill a 35gb cartridge), until I do something on the server to "wake it up". And this is new behavior.


The two suggestions you offered .. is that on the server, workstation, or both? I am hyper about turning off virus scanning, but will try it at least to help diagnose the problem.

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re: iomega rev 35gb usb


use device manager, change the view to see devices by connection then see the name of the USB controller it is attached to. If the word ENHANCED doesn't appear in its name then it's likely it has synced at USB 1.1 speeds rather than USB 2.0 speeds which would explain perfectly what you are seeing.


USB 2.0 devices connected to USB 2.0 host controllers regularly fall-back to USB 1.1 and only using device manager can you see whether it is using USB 2.0 or USB 1.1 speeds.


Try disconnecting then reconnecting the USB drive until it connects via an ENHANCED USB host controller.


You can download the latest Retrospect Windows client from here: http://download.dantz.com/archives/Retro-EN_7_5_116.exe

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