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OS 9.1 / Iomega ZipCD 650 USB / Error 100

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I am running retrospect 5.0.205 ( driver update 2.8 ) under OS 9.1, backup ( copying ) seems to go fine until it starts comparing ( verifying ) and i then get an error 100 when I insert the first CD/RW of my set. I tried an independant verify, it goes thru for the 1st CD/RW of my backup set and then gives me the same error 100 ( Trouble reading: “2-Storage Set” (4288452608), error 100 (device rejected command). )


I have explored forum and compatible hardware but cannot determine wheter iomega ZipCD 650 usb is fully qualified for Mac ??




Would someone help please ???










iMac 266mhz/OS 9.1/Ext Iomega ZipCD 650 USB

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