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Retrospect is asking me to re-type my license code. It forgets my user name and password

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This is answered in http://kb.dantz.com/display/2/articleDirect/index.asp?aid=9635&r=0.3942224


BUT, until I found that today, I have had to re-type my user name and password on a regular basis and therefore it is not acceptable.


The posting suggests I should recover the backup copy of a configuration setting file. If I wanted to mess around like that, i would still be doing manual backups. Even the free Microsoft backup software does not forget me.


I am using a MyBook World Edition NAS, with Retrospect Express HD version 2.0.146.


I suggest that EMC fix this problem. Surely there should be a core static configuration file in which the user name and password are saved, with another variable file. Then it does not matter as much if the variable file is damaged - it can be re-created on the fly by the software.


OK moan over. Really I would like to know if it is just me. Is it a major issue that is affecting other users?

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