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Restore operation does not list some new files in snapshot


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I made an incremental backup of a drive which I knew contained at least two new directories of files. When I looked at the backup report, I was confused that it said: "No files need to be copied." Perhaps that is standard and doesn't mean anything, but I needed to check.


So I decided to attempt to initiate a backup restore operation so that I could see what files were in the snapshot. Surely the new directories should be in the snapshot, right?


But only one of the new directories was there. Can anybody explain this? This is Retrospect version 7.5.508 on Windows XP Service pack 2.


Screen snapshots are screen snapshots .


Many thanks!





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Brokenwhole, please follow Mayoff's advice because we are trying to troubleshoot the problem with you. You are correct that this simple act by itself is not the solution to the problem, but it will shed additional light on the issues.


Also Retrospect doesn't do incremental backups, it does "Normal" backups and "Recycle" backups. (The Recycle backups wipe the target medium when starting). This means that whether you use a script, or the GUI in "immediate" mode to do a "NORMAL" backup, the result is the same: Retrospect compares what is already backed up with what it currently sees on the disk, performs a difference analysis to generate the list of files/folders that haven't been backed up yet and then backs them up.


The advantage of using the GUI in immediate mode is that it has a preview button, which opens a screen that itemizes each file that will be backed up or skipped. The question is, do these folders show up in this preview window?


What selector are you using?

"All Files"?

"All Files Except Cache Files"?

"Brokenwholes personal selector"?

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