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Performance has dropped

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Hi all,

My backup performance over a gigabit networked has gone down over the last week. I was getting over 700MB a minute, now it's 400MB and it's taking twice as long to do it's backup.

I'm backing up data over a gigabit network directly onto internal SATA300 hard disk

I have restarted the affected servers it's backing but it's made no difference.

I know there are quite a few factors involved but I just wondered if someone else has had this problem.

Might have to re-install the retrospect clients

Any advice would be appreciated.



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I have the same problem i am backing up to tape when I backup my mac server I am getting anywhere from 1500MB/m- 2100MB/m but with the same machine i back up a windows box I am getting only 300 or 400MB/M and they are all pluged in to the same Gigabit switch.


That backup machine is

Dell PowerEdge 2650

Xeon 2.8 with 2GB of ram running 7.5.508 Retrospect MulitServer


When you look at the machine that is being copied I am only using .5-9% of the 1000mb/s nic.


this is all going thru the retrospect client.


I would like to get all my servers going at 1500MB/S plus




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Try upgrading the NIC drivers in the slow machine. Sometimes the auto-negotiation of the link speed results in a 100Mbps link instead of 1000Mbps. Try hard-setting the speed to 1000Mbps instead of auto. If the auto-negotiation is setting it to 100Mbps, then maybe the cabling is underspec/faulty?

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