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Problems adding Mac clients via multicast


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We just recently switched over to a DHCP network and I'm unable to see my Mac clients (OS X) in the multicast list. I can see all of my Windows clients. I've temporarily turned off the firewall on the Mac clients so I've verified that it's not a firewall issue. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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You will need to create an exception on the Retrospect Server for the Retrospect process itself.


You will notice that if you turn the Windows firewall OFF, that the MAC clients all suddenly appear.


What if you add this subnet to subnet broadcast? Do the clients show up?

not unless a windows firewall exception is created on the Retrospect server for the retrospect.exe process, or the firewall temporarily turned off completely.

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What network infrastructure is between the Retrospect server and the Mac clients?


Are the Mac clients on the same subnet as the Retrospect server?


From the Retrospect server, can you telnet to port 497 of one of the Mac clients? Don't worry about whether you get any response, but are you able to open a connection to port 497 using telnet?

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