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storing big sized, may need external hardrive


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well now my backups are backing up and I checked to see how the other hardrive i have backed up is doing. In 2 days it used up about 10GB. Thats not really good. All the backups are on "Software Compression" and i was wondering how can i make the storage smaller (if i could)?


Also, my boss wants to get an external hardrive thats like 1TB? what do you think?

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I personally like tape drives, but as an alternative, removable hard disks such as Imation's Odyssey (and the Dell system that is rebranded) are becoming popular too.


If you want a backup unit that is attached to the machine, I'd consider one of the external drives that has two disks inside that can be configured as a mirror. Of course, this doesn't remove the need for removable media for offsite safekeeping.

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well heres the problem, it started getting bigger when i started backing up my boss iMac.

Does retrospect have an option where it only backs up anything that was changed? instead of keeping all of the same stuff.....


i really dislike the fact that it takes up so much, compared to before it was about 500mb/day to now 5gb/day

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