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Proactive Snapshot Transfers

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I agree,

Because we already have the ability to script snapshot transfers, it would seem logical to give the option to have the snapshots pro-actively transfered as well.


Perhaps a check box in the options to make the script proactive, or maybe even give a button to "Manage Proactive Scripts" where proactive backup is.

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Proactive Backup is designed to dynamically look for clients on a network that have not been backed up in the longest amount of time and copy those clients first. I am not sure how this fits into a Snapshot transfer script?


If you need frequent transfers, then just schedule a transfer for each night, it will only copy the new or changed files.

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The Proactive Snapshot Transfer would wait until a destination disk based backup set is available and then run once it is. It's the checking for media feature of the proactive system that would be of benefit here.


For example consider a NAS unit being used as a destination disk based backup set.


This NAS unit is kept off-site all week, but then bought in by the manager each Friday and plugged in.


If a proactive snapshot transfer script was active, but waiting for the NAS based destination backup set to appear, it will detect that the NAS is ready within 90 seconds and then commence the snapshot transfer. Within 40 minutes or so it is done and then sends an email to the manager informing him that it's completed.


The manager then disconnects the NAS and takes it home again.


There's your off-site backup strategy sorted.

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