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Slow transfer via Cisco Firewall


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I'm having a problem creating backups via a Cisco PIX 515E. If i backup on a local LAN the rate is between 150-250MB if I backup via the PIX (one zone to another) the transfer drops to 4MB.


I verify the PIX and the CPU is less than 10% and overall traffic on the zones are less than 1MB. I didn't find any type of rate limit on the PIX. Has anyone run into a similar problem?




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Retrospect uses port 497 for TCP and UDP traffic. Retrospect also uses subnet broadcast and multicast.


Go to Configure>Clients. Pick a client and get properties. Then do a refresh. This forces and connection and will give you the raw connection speed between the client and server.

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I did the raw speed:


Server on LAN - 11,881K

Server via PIX - 267K


Question does it requied multicast and Broadcast?


is this is why the speed diference?


So if the answer is yes I guest I would have to allow Multi and Broad cast on the other interfaces to be able to get top speeds?




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