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Retrospect Hangs Machine on Duplicate to FW HD

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Retrospect Hangs Machine on Duplicate to FW HD




Hi Folks,




I've been reviewing the forum posts and I've seen a number of variations on this so I figured I'd add my situation to the pile in hopes that enough reports will reveal some common thread for the Dantz engineers.




The problem is a retrospect and finder hang when doing a large volume dulpicate from one FW HD to another FW HD.




Here's the relevant hardware and software info




800MHz Dual G4


1.5 GB RAM


80GB Internal (Seagate Barracuda)


80GB External (Seagate Barracuda in MacAlly FW enclosure)


160GB External (WiebeTech drive - mechanism unknown (Maxtor?))




Running on the machine:




Mac OS X Server - 10.1.5


Retrospect Workgroup 5.0.205


Font Reserve Server 1.5


OS X Server is running Apple, Windows, and FTP Services only at this time


Timbuktu Pro 6.0.2 - for remote admin.




The Backup Process


* All backups are done nightly to the external 160GB drive


* all desktop clients (7) are backed up to a file set without incident


* the internal 80GB drive which holds the system software and apps is backed up to a file set


* the external 80GB drive is the main server drive with all the files. It is backed up to the same file set as the internal 80GB drive and that backup works fine.


* The internal drive is then duplicated to a folder on the external drive


* the external drive is then duplicated to a folder on the external drive




It is during the duplication of the external 80GB drive that Retrospect hangs and requires the standard double force quit and then trashes the finder and requires a forced restart of the whole machine - which is rather inconvenient with Timbuktu and a 15 mile drive across metro Boston!




The problem only happens on the duplicate step for the external 80GB drive. There is approximately 21GB of data on the drive at this time. It doesn't matter whether the duplicate operation is scripted or manual it still hangs.




What's interesting is that the drive backs up fine to the file set.




Today I've disabled the duplicate scripts and I'm expecting everything to run fine for the nightly backups. My next step is going to be to put the 80GB drive back inside the machine and see if that makes any difference...unless someone out there has a better idea...




Thanks in advance!







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