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Assertion failure at “elem.cpp-1000″ in Retrospect


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This error is killing me. It comes up everytime I try to execute a script, even when I try to repair a catalog file. Then Retrospect closes. As a consequence I have been unable to backup for nearly a month. I am using Retrospect 7.5.508 with hotfix I am running it on windows XP.


Here is what I have done:

Uninstalled and reinstalled retropect several times, updating all the way to the most current. No luck


Rebuilt the entire catalog file from the backup set. 3 days later, no luck


Deleted Config75.dat and Config75.bak to start from scratch. No luck. I get the error the instant I try to read the catalog file.


Copied Config75.bak to Config.dat. No luck here either.


Whatever I do, once I read the Catalog file for my backup set I get this error: Assertion failure at “elem.cpp-1000″ in Retrospect


Even after I've rebuilt the entire catalog file from my backup set....Is the backup set corrupted? If so, How do I fix?


Thanks for any help or wisdom out there....if I can't find a solution fast, it might be time for a Macintosh and TimeMachine.

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You can try the 7.5.512 beta to see if it is more stable in your environment.


You could have corruption to some data within the backup set member, and every time it reads that media into the catalog the corruption returns.


Do you ever see this with a brand new backup set?

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Still I have no resolution on this issue.

I get the error above no matter what I do.

I have rebuilt the Catalog file (again) a two day process - and....


When I rebuild the catalog file from the backup set, I get this error: "Can't compress Catalog file for Backup Set Backup Set A, error -641 (chunk checksum didn't match)

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