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How to forget non existant backup clients?

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We recently re-addressed our whole network within the 10.x address space.


I need to tell Retro to forget all the backup clients it previously knew about.




When I go into the backup client database and attempt to change the ip address


of the backup clients - Retro insists on trying to contact the client at the old


ip address, which will never happen.




It doesn't appear that I can tell retro to forget the old client addresses because


it insists on trying to contact the old address....then it errors out, and I am not


offered an option to forget the client.




How can I remedy this situation?




Thanks folks.

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Thanks Melissa - I'll give that a try tomorrow.


Didn't realize one could hilite the client in the list


and just hit the delete key. DUH!!! I was going


for the edit option thinking it was deletable from


the edit screen. Thx again.

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