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XP Freezes during Backup


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I have Express 7.5 installed & updated to latest version.


I'm backing up three drives to a NAS device (500gb WD NetCenter). C: drive, D: drive (rescue partition on HP pavilion), and X: drive (another NAS device). The D: & X: backups run on schedule & without issue.


In the past few weeks, the C: backup has quit working. The backup will run normally for a few minutes, then XP will completely freeze up. The backup will no longer progress, and the whole computer quits responding. A hard power-down is the only recovery.


I've turned off System Restore as suggested in the Express FAQ. I've also re-installed Express with no improvement.


Any suggestions?

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I turned off restart on failure, and ran another backup last night. The backup progressed much further than normal, all the way to comparing files, but then froze about half-way through that task. I left the machine alone & came in to a blue screen of death this morning.


The error was:



STOP: 0x00000077 (0xC0000185, 0xC0000185, 0x00000000, 0x01B2D000)


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Hi Vdotson and JPM,


vdotson, you say you are having the same problems, but are you using the same setup that JPM is? If so, Try the test that Mayoff suggested above, backing up to something other than the NAS


If not you may want to list your current configuration along with your Retrospect version number.


Could you both post any errors found in the operations log or/ assert log?



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