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Why sometimes one, sometimes two tapes?

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Does anyone know why two backup scripts -- using the same server, same items chosen for backup and same options (including recycle backup) -- will not use the same number of tapes when backing up? One night the backup will take one tape, while the next it will take two. I've gone through both scripts and can't find *any* differences... and I can guarantee that not that much has been added to the server; the contents are about two-thirds of the uncompressed capacity of the tape. Running DiskWarrior, Norton Disk Doctor and Norton Speed Disk hasn't helped, nor has rebuilding the desktop files. I've even tried deleting the scripts and recreating them (and the backup sets) without success; the same thing happens. Would reinstalling Retrospect help, and is there anything else I'm missing?




Vital stats... Blue and White G3, MacOS 9.1, Retrospect 4.3, one 9GB and one 18GB drive (9GB total used), both SCSI. Server has 640MB of RAM.






-- David

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