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no restore possible


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hello, i've used the retrospect express 2.0.214 to back up my pc, then for different reasons i had to reformat it and install windows xp pro once again, so after that i would like to restore some folders from the backup, i have installed the retrspect sw but then it says no restore point availeble.

i've also follwed the instruction give by retrospect to rebuild the index but nothing happen any one can help me?

to give full info the Hd is an iomega network HD, also the pc has the same name used before the OS reinstallation

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For some reason HD can't see your data. If the folder path has changed on the backup disk, you might see this happen.


I would suggest downloading version 7.5 trial and do a catalog rebuild. You can then attempt to restore. After the restore, you can start a fresh set of backups using HD 2.0

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using the version 7.5 is looking for the .rbc file and it say the catalog file is corrupted and then it stops, removing the .rbc file is doing nothing because seems is not looking for the .rdb files.

To rebuild the catalog i've choose tools rebuild catalog and i've tried both disks (and use the IOmega network HD) and files

Any other suggest?

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