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Replace boot drive

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I have a Windows 2003 server that needs a larger boot drive. Let's call it "A",


On another Windows 2003 server I have Retrospect 7.0.344 with update Let's call this server "R".


I stopped server A and pulled out the C-drive (boot drive). It's a SATA drive. Server R doesn't have SATA, so I used a USB-SATA device for the old drive and another USB-SATA device for the new drive when connecting to server "R".


First I tried duplicating the old drive to the new, but server A won't boot off the duplicate.

Then I made a (disk) backup of the original drive and restored (the entire volume) to the replacement drive. Server A still won't boot.

Finally I tried Disaster recovery, but when selecting the snapshot from the disk backup, it says:

"Sorry, that snapshot can't start a Windows computer.

Please select a snapshot of a Windows startup volume and try again."

What? Why? It IS the "Windows startup volume".


What am I doing wrong here? How can I create a bootable copy of the original hard drive?


(I thought it would be better NOT to install the client software and have Windows running when doing the duplicate/backup, but that's maybe what I have to do even if some files are busy or updated during the backup?)


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Thanks for answering.


The properties says:

Local Disk (G:)

Backup Set: Temporary

Type: Volume

User: Administrator

Created: 14 March 2008

OS: Win 2003 SP 2

File System: NTFS

Contains: Security Information


And that's it.


Off Topic: It's really nice sitting at my Mac at home, use VPN and Microsoft's Remote Desktop to check out the Retrospect server at work.

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Yes, the option for backing up System State was checked.


I watched the "Building Snapshot" phase and a lot of names whizzed by.


I also watched "Finishing Restore" where a lot of names whizzed by, too.


Another thought comes to mind: Do I have to change the BIOS settings somehow to recognize the new drive as drive C:? Or it shouldn't matter as it is the drive position (slot) that matters?

This is a HP Proliant rack mounted server by the way, 1U. I THINK the model number is M320, but I can't check until tomorrow.

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I made a backup and restore entire disk with Retrospect 7.5 on the actual server. No luck.


Then a friend came with his bootable CD with FDISK, which repaired the MBR and set the partition as active. Don't know which fixed the problem, but the server did now boot of the new, larger drive.


Thank you very much!

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