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Backup performance


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I am experiencing very poor performance on backups using version 7.5 disk to disk. Backups of .bak files is taking 14 hours for a 2.2 gb file.

The server is a 2.8 ghz xeon processor 2 gb ram to a raid 5 Sata array. I have had to exclude large files as they have been preventing backup. I am using the compare to md5 digest verification option thinking it was faster.


Is there a way to configure the performance?

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This does seem really slow.


Is this a local backup or a network backup?


What operation system?


Is this data on a local volume or on a Network Disk?


What file system type are the files stored on?


Are you using compression?


Are you using Encryption?


What is the exact performance reported in your operations log for copy, compare, idle/loading/preparing, what is the total duration? How many total files?


What happens if you copy the data when it is stored on a different disk?




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