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So Sad, I can't duplicate my backup DVD's

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I'm a little disappointed that I can't simply copy my DVD backup set. It would be more than handy for me to incrementally back up to DVD's using maybe 1 per week, and then make a couple backups and spread them around after filling up each disc.


Pretty sound thinking, but I can't do it. These things are an alien format and can't be read by anything at all except retrospect! My server practically chokes on the things if retrospect isn't running.


I could run another backup and another set, but that's a big hassle and would require daily intervention - I thought that's why I spent pretty good money on this.


So far it's been great, but this is just kinda silly.


Does anyone know of a way to perform a "bit for bit copy" a DVD? I suppose the movie industry would not like that one bit...


Would it have been so impossible to save files and folderrs like a normal program??

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Retrospect backup DVD's are not finalized, so Windows can't read them. This is documented in the user's guide and knowledgebase.


If you have 2 supported drives, you can do a backup set transfer from one drive to another.


If you back to a hard disk instead of DVD, you can make copies as often as you want, and you don't need to spend time swapping disks.

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I would transfer one DVD backup set to another. Only problem with that is once new data is added to the original backup set, I cannot update the second. In other words - once I fill up another DVD on the orginal set, there is then no way to make a duplicate of just that DVD - I would have to do the whole set over again.


I am copying to multiple hard drives already, and yes, I can copy that huge file to other drives, but I want it on DVD media, and I want multiple copies of that.


Seems to me a design, rather than a technology limitation.

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Only problem with that is once new data is added to the original backup set. I cannot update the second.


I don't understand? Why can't you? All you do is perform another transfer, it will only copy the files that are new or changed since the last transfer. This is documented in our users guide.

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From Online help:




Retrospect's transfer function copies one or more files from one or more backup sets to a single backup set. One possible use is to copy all files from a removable disk backup set to a CD/DVD backup set. Another possible use is to copy a few selected files from your backup set to a new, encrypted backup set for your business partner.

Because transferring does not match files, [color:brown]you cannot transfer incrementally from one backup set to another.[/color] All files that meet the selection criteria will be copied by Retrospect, regardless of whether they already exist in the destination backup set.

The transfer function does not have a preview feature. You must rely on selectors instead of picking and choosing files by hand.

To copy files between backup sets, you must have a separate backup device for each backup set, even if both backup sets are on the same type of media. In the case of file backup sets, the need for separate backup devices does not apply.

TIP: If you do not have separate drives for each backup set, you can first copy files temporarily to a file backup set on a hard disk and then copy them from the file backup set to the destination backup set.




Am I missing something? I can try it and see if transfer can copy just one additional DVD in the set. It takes me about a couple days to copy over the first 12 DVD's...


Perhaps there is a selection of some sort I can use?

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Sorry, the text in the help is incorrect.


The User's Guide (page 92) has the correct text:


By default, transferring Snapshots matches files

in the source to files already in the destination

and only copies the necessary files. Existing

Snapshots and files on the destination remain



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No Wonder I am confused. YOU are posting your question in the Windows topic area of the forum and you are using the Mac version of Retrospect.


The Mac has no matching during transfer.


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So what is the "Only most recent versions" for?




Backup Set Transfer Options

These options are available only with transfer operations initiated with the Copy command from the Tools tab.


Copy Snapshots: This option transfers a backup set's current Snapshots to the destination catalog before copying files. Snapshots are not copied to the destination backup set's media. Snapshots which exist in the destination backup set are not replaced. This option is on by default.


[color:brown]Only most recent versions:[/color] Of files which match the search criteria, Retrospect transfers only the most recent version of each file. It ignores older versions of the same files from other sessions. By default, this option is off.


Merge sessions: This option merges the files from multiple sessions of the source backup set to a single session in the destination backup set, as if they were all backed up at once. With the option off, which is the default, files transferred from several different sources are listed separately by session in the destination backup set.



Edit: Nevermind...It just made sense to me.


I'm very upset with you, Retrospect.


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Horribly Disappointed
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