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Padlock on Client Configuration

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Hi All,


I've searched with no luck, so hopefully someone has seen this and might be able to help me.


I'm running Mac OS X (for both the client and the machine acting as the server), and Retrospect 6.1.131.


On server, looking at client config page, the client has a padlock next to it. So do the volumes in the Volumes page.



Client could be backed up if the nightly script was run manually, but was never picked up when the nightly script ran on its own.


Trashed all the Retro/Dantz parts on the client then reinstalled.


Now, Retrospect Server sees it, lets us add it, but it has these padlocks and the Retrospect log doesn't even show that it checked it. It acts like it's not there at all. The firewall is enabled on the client and the Retrospect port is active.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Your client control panel is set to Read Access Only


Just a comment that there no longer are Control Panels on the Macintosh. And the Retrospect OS X Client software uses its own configuration application, without hooking into the system's preferences API at all.


Sort of like long time Retrospect users making reference to Storage Sets, you're showing your experience (and your age!).



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