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I am relatively new to Retrospect and new to the company I work for. All current working files are on the same server where Retrospect resides. Nightly, these files are incrementally backed up to a removable hard drive, and once a week a full backup is done. The company has 9 existing AIT tapes from which files are regularly pulled for reprinting (we are a printing company). I recently rebuilt the catalog to have an accurate assessment of what's on tape. The server hard drive is getting full, so I would like to continue to add to tape 9 until it is full and start tape 10 (and possibly 11??). Problem is, I have zero idea how to do this, having never done it before. The person who started the archives is no longer employed here and no one has any idea how to do it. I know it's something very simple, but I just need help so that I don't delete or write over any of the existing data.

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If you have rebuild the catalog to "backup set A' and it has 9 total tapes, then you can do an Immediate backup or a Schedule backup using Backup Set A as the destination. Using the default "normal" option, Retrospect will automatically ask you to insert the last tape in the set, and it will add the new or changed files.


I suggest watching the training videos, they will help.



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