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Error 519 Kills TCP?/IP?

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First, let me freely admit that I'm basing the order of operations here on Retro's log and the OS log.


Backup server is a G4 DP Xserve, 2GB RAM, gobs of free disk, Mac OS X Server 10.4.11


Backup Device is an Exabyte/Tandenberg VXA 1U library, FW 800, currently with a VXA-320 drive, originally shipped with a VXA-2 drive. This problem predates the drive upgrade.


Every so often, Retrospect will show an Error 519 during the initial scan. Within minutes of the start time of that scan, the OS error logs show continual DNS errors, (can't resolve itself). The machine itself is fine, but it's completely deaf and mute. It cannot see the network it's on, nor can anything on the network see it. No pinging, no nothing.


A restart fixes this.


There's no reliable pattern either. I just went over a month without seeing it, now I've seen it 3 times in the last 7 days.


Again, I have no hard proof as to the order. It could be the 519 killing the IP stack, or the IP stack dying causing the 519. I know it *only* happens when retrospect is scanning a remote client, and it only goes deaf when Retrospect is running.


Any ideas?

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