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Can I have Retrospect backup over a private LAN (separate from the general company LAN)?

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I'd like to set up a Retrospect server (OSXS 10.4.11) to back up a server (OSXS 10.4.10) over the network (no big deal). However, because the main server gets a lot of traffic on en0 throughout the day and night, I'd like to have the backup server instead connect through the second port (i.e. just plug a cable between the two and set them up on a private network running at full speed). However, when I do this the Retrospect server sees the normal broadcast over the public LAN and lists the client name. When I try to add by IP to force it to go over the private LAN I get an error that there is a name conflict and it can't be added.


Is there a way to A) have the server only browse one network (this server will be the only machine backed up), or B) force the client to only broadcast on one interface?

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I don't even have it added (clean setup with no clients)-it just errors as soon as I tried to add the private LAN. It shows up briefly in the list, but then the error pops up and then disappears again. I suppose I can try to block it with the firewall, but I'd rather do it by configuring the software I have rather than trying to work around it using the firewall.

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No clone, Retrospect hadn't been on any other machines so its not conflicting with another machine-just with itself. I'm going to see if I can the firewall to block the Retrospect traffic on the en0 port. The client has been installed twice, but no difference. It seems like the server is just seeing two instances of the same name and not liking it. This would be helpful for ver. X-it would be nice to have a dedicated backoffice network to facilitate the backups without affecting bandwidth on the main server ethernet jacks.

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