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Couldn't connect to clients - error -535


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A few days ago Retrospect 7.5.508 Professional stopped being able to connect to two clients after two months of reliable operation. I got “Error –535 (backup client: network unavailable)†and the clients’ status showed “not connectedâ€.


Deleting the client from inside Retrospect and re-adding it solved the problem. Is this a known issue? Does anyone know what causes this?


The things I tried before deleting/adding the clients:


- Verified network connectivity using ping and Windows Explorer.

- Rebooting the backup computer and the two clients and power-cycling all network gear.

- Verified the Windows Firewall allowed network access by both the program name and explicitly adding TCP and UDP ports 497. (Since deleting/adding the clients fixed the problem, it doesn’t seem like this is a firewall problem.)

- Reinstalling the network client software on one of the clients.

- Restarting the Retrospect Client service.


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When you initially added the clients, which method did you use?


Multicast, Subnet broadcast, or Direct?


Also, Did this happen right as you installed the new update, or a few days after?


I'm guessing there were some networking problems and the two clients had their network info changed. If this happened than the clients would appear in Retrospect, but when Retrospect looks for them it is trying to communicate with the wrong IP address, Hostname, or something of that sort.

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