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Backup to HD Config


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I just purchased Odysseyâ„¢ Removable Hard Disk Storage System.


I have 2 removable drives.

I want to run a full backup every day alternating drives.


I have setup a Disk backup set pointing to this device.

When I change disks will retrospect automatically use this 2nd drive?

Or do I need two scripts?


I am setting this up for non computer folk.

So general office staff wil be changing the drives.

I want them to be be able to just change disk, and if they missed a day (8 hours waiting for a disk)I want the script to stop .. then run on its regular schedule and just look for a disk in the drive.


Can this be set to backup to drive "H" all the time as a full backup clearing the drive before use?

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So if I make two backup sets, one to each drive. then have my script use both... with it choose whichever it finds or do I need to schedule each backup set accordingly.

If it finds both, it will back up to both. If it is missing one, it will time out after the set "media timeout" (just as Robin said).


Is there any advantage to HD backup set vs file backup set?

A disk backup set can span multiple disks (when one fills up), with each disk being a member of the backup set. Its disadvantage is that it takes over the entire volume.


A file backup set can coexist with other files on the volume (including other file backup sets), but cannot span to other volumes.


Each has its strengths and weaknesses. Most use file backup sets (the default).



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