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Backuping up to external hard drive

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I have an XSERV and am trying to use retrospect to bsckup to a firewire hard drvie. It is a 300GB hard drive and was backing up fine for the past few months. All of sudden no matter if I back up one directory or a bunch, it tells me the hard drive is full and to select another disk to the remaining backup. Lat night I tried just doing a recycle backup of a folder and it was only 49GB total. When I looked at it this morning, it told me about 24GB needed to still be backed up and to select another disk.


I am running the lasted update to 6.1


Thanks for any help...


-- Dave

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Lesson Time:


- The correct name of the Apple computer model is "XServe."


- Retrospect backups up to Backup Sets. Data is stored either within the Backup Set itself (for File Backup Sets) or in Members of the Backup Set (for all other types)


- By default, Retrospect can only use external hard drives as the location to store File Backup Sets.


- A user must take active steps to adjust the default preference settings to use a hard drive as a Removable Device, to use that hard drive as a member (or as multiple members) of a Removable Disk Backup Set.


- If Retrospect is prompting you for a new disk, then you are likely using a Removable Disk Backup Set (and have, as noted above, taken the affirmative steps necessary to configure the program that way).


- The most likely reason Retrospect prompted you for a new disk is because the Member disk it had been writing to became full.


Take a look at

Configure->Backup Sets->YourBackupSet->Members

and tell us what you see.




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