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Maximum catalog size in Retrospect

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we are using Retrospect 6.1.126 on a G4 Xserve 10.4.9 Server and backing up our data on a RAID.

The RAID Size is about 3,4 TerraByte.


My Question is what is the maximum Retrospect Catalog size because, after backing up about 1 TB Retrospect asks for a new medium but there are 2,4 TB free??


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This item from the Read Me may be the issue:


Using hard drives as removable disks: Retrospect's Media Handling preference formerly known as "Use FireWire/USB hard drives as removable disks" has been changed to "Use hard drives as removable disks". This new preference allows Retrospect to use Xserve RAID devices, as well as hard drives connected to the backup server via USB, FireWire, Fibre Channel, ATA, or SCSI, as destinations for removable disk backup sets. Previously these drives (with the exception of FireWire and USB) could only be used as the destination for file backup sets. Since removable disk backup sets support asynchronous data transfer (and file backup sets do not), this preference provides improved data transfer speeds. To access this preference choose Special>Preferences>Media Handling. When this preference is selected, all local volumes (except the startup disk) will appear in Retrospect's Storage Devices window (Configure>Volumes). These volumes will also appear in the media request window for removable disk backup sets, and they can be selected as the backup set destination.


WARNING: Retrospect requires exclusive use of any volume selected for use in a removable disk backup set and it erases the volume entirely before using it the first time.


There are some limitations to consider when using hard drives as removable disk backup set members. Retrospect will only write 1 TB of data to any single member. After 1 TB it will ask for a new member and span to that member, regardless of how much available space remains on the previous member. If you have a large capacity hard drive that you want to use as part of a removable disk backup set, partition the drive into segments of 1 TB or less for optimal use with Retrospect.


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