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Scripted backup only backing up 12k

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When running a script retrospect starts to copy data to tape drive but gets to 12k or so and stops. Trying to quit hangs retrospect. Force quitting crashes the server.


Version of Retrospect is 6.1.138.

Running on an X-Serv Intel 10.4.11 Server.


I have created new scripts and catalogue files and am using new tapes and cleaning tape.


I was able to run an the script as an immediate job and got a full backup on that.


Any one any ideas?

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Backup device is an Sony SDX-700 tape library.

Connection is via SCSI 320, from an LSI Ultra320 scsi card.


The system has been left in a hung mode for day's with no change.


I havn't been able to try a different backup device, as I don't have one.


Thanks for looking at this problem.



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Duncan, it's not just Retrospect; the LSI Logic 22320 dual channel card (which Apple sells as its Apple-rebranded dual-channel SCSI card) is a piece of junk with other software too, including Apple's Apple System Profiler, which indicates that the system sometimes doesn't recognize devices on the card at boot. We got one in our build-to-order Xserve G5 a few years back, never worked right. Replaced it with an ATTO UL4D card, and all of the problems disappeared. The ATTO card is what everyone recommends with Mac OS X (the UL4S or UL4D (PCI-X) with G5, the UL5D or UL5D Low Profile (PCI-e) with Intel architecture). It's not just Retrospect that has difficulties with the LSI Logic card; other backup software has issues too.



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